Rote Island, Timor, Indonesia #Photos


Our bedroom at Anughera hotel Membarala.





















How to go to Rote Island from Bali?

1. Take a plane from Denpasar to Kupang [compare Garuda airways and Lions prices]

2. sleep at La Hasienda hotel in Kupang. Free airport transfers

3. Ask at La Hasienda to book your boat the the day after.

4. Ask La Hasienda a transfer to the boat [ around 125 000 IDR]

5. Boat at 9 O’clock around 200 000 IDR/ pers VIP class. Take a sweat and wear some pants, the aircon is very low.

6. After 2 hours you arrive at Ba’a harbour. Take a bemo (taxi) [around 250000/ 300000 IDR] to Membarala [1 h] or ask your hotel for a transfer [400 000 IDR]

7. ask your hotel 2 days before living to book your boat tickets.

We stood at Anughera. 1 Room for 4 persons 1 200 000 IDR per night including breakfast, lunch, dinner and taxes. Nice hotel (basic but nice) very nice staff, nice beach, beautiful sunsets. Contact them by email to book your bedroom. No wifi at Anughera.

You can rent motos at Anughera 50 000 IDR ½ day and 70 000 IDR all day.

We loved Rote Island, the timorian are very nice people. Be sure they all want to take photos with you and with your sun glasses 🙂

At night, the sky is amazing, you can see hundred thousands of stars and also the milky way.. We use to go on the beach and watch. You feel as if you were alone in the middle of the universe.

At the highest touristic season there 150 tourists at the same time, almost surfers. If you love quiet and unspoiled beaches, nice villages with goats and wild pigs come and going free in the coconuts and on the beach, you will love Rote island.






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